17 Best Ceramic Mugs & Cups You’ll Love (2020)

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All the below mentioned ceramic mugs are made using lead-free glaze, and most of them are Dishwasher-safe and Microwave-safe. I have tried to include different categories of these ceramic mugs, to make it easy for you to select the one that you are looking for.

Ceramic mug with a lid

Ceramic mug without a handle

Ceramic mug with Stand

Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Hand Warmer Coffee mugs

Ceramic mug set of 6

Ceramic mug set of 4

Ceramic mug set of 2

Do You Know? – More than a billion people all over the world drink coffee every day.

So let’s get started with our list. Yay!

My Complete List of The Best Ceramic Mugs:

1 – JYYT Frosted Ceramic Mug for Office and Home

What I love about this mug is its Simple Design and frosted texture which makes it a fabulous gift choice for Your Loved Ones, Your Colleagues, Your Men, Your Women, Thanksgiving Day, Birthdays, and for Christmas.

It is Dishwasher safe which makes it easy for you to clean it. It is Microwave safe too.

You can go with other colors also like Blue or Red to offer a notable appearance to your cabinet!

2 – Mora Double Wall Ceramic Mug with Lid (BPA Free)

Its double-walled construction with paladin clay offers protection from heat while holding it.

Made with 20% Paladin Clay which provides structural strength thus giving you a stronger and more durable ceramic mug.

The Lid is BPA Free (chemical).

Made with Lead Free All-Natural Glaze ( lead is the chemical which may cause anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage). All natural glaze helps prevent your body from this harmful chemical.

Available in Multi-color.

3 – Selamica Porcelain Novelty Unique Handwarmer Coffee Mug

I was so happy when found this mug, because of its unique design and handle approach
It grabs the attention of whosoever looks at it for the first time and makes you fall in with him.
It looks so pretty that one of my friends bought it for almost every member of her family.

One of the major benefits of this mug is that it keeps your hands warm and cozy, but it can become a little hotter because of your coffee, so be careful when you are using this mug in summers.

Everything of this mug is artistic, its inset handle, the shades they offer, its unique design, I mean everything.

4 – Fellow Monty Double Wall Ceramic Coffee Cups – Set of 2

One of the most classic ceramic cups I have ever seen.
These are a bit small, but perfect for your espresso shots.
Comes in a set of 2, but other variants are also available to choose from. Go check them out now.

5 – Mr. and Mrs. Mugs, Perfect for Couples and as a Valentine Gift, Set of 2

if you are looking for a wedding gift but not an expensive one, then these ceramic mugs are going to be the choice of the year.
Suits perfectly as a wedding gift for your friends and family.
The packaging is gorgeous. Comes with Lid and Spoon

6 – DOWAN Coffee Mug with Lid – Set of 2

Cork bottom works as an insulator which will help keep your drinks hotter for longer.

Cork bottom of these ceramic coffee mugs makes them suitable for your office, now you may ask why ?. Because cork bottom prevents minor scratches and stains on your wood deck or a glass table, which is usually found in offices.

But make sure you do not keep them in the microwave and your dishwasher as these mugs are not built for that, otherwise cork bottom may detach from the body.

Rubber gasket sealed lids help prevent spills and splashes and also upholds the heat.

7 – Stone Lain Matte Black Coffee Mug – Set Of 4

This is the set of 4 which is one of my absolute favorites.
Matte black finish, a timeless shape, no other mug set can take the place of this modern set.
Easily matches with a variety of table settings.
It was a Christmas gift for my sister and her family. They absolutely loved it!

I have just mentioned these bowls because it was hard for me not to share these classic pieces.And these bowls set are also made of ceramic.

8 – Tunisian Style Ceramic Mugs – Set of 4

These cups are so pretty and very attractive.
Now, they have become everyday coffee mugs for my mom.
Thinking to buy another set, but would be happy if got them in the same pattern or color.Coff

Coffee Mug Holder Tree Rack Stand

9 – Retro Style Porcelain Coffee Mugs – Set of 4

These mugs are so pleasant to hold.
surprisingly roomy, and suitable for coffee and creamer. I am sure corporate people will love this set.

They are quite the precise size and can sit easily in anyone’s hand.

10 – Nordic Style Porcelain Coffee Mug – Set of 4

Ideal for large mug enthusiasts to drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

These Coffee mugs are so pretty and would make a perfect gift.

and yes, Microwave safe.

11 – Serami Bistro White Mugs for Coffee – Set of 4

Good old plain solid shade, not only white but these cups are available in multi-color options. Go check them out.

So why specifically Coffee? ….. why not?

12 – Sweese Porcelain Coffee Mugs – Set of 6

One of the most classic ceramic cups I have ever seen. So basic yet rich design, made from LEAD-FREE ceramic/glaze.

13 – Dual-Tone Stoneware Coffee Mug with Stand – Set of 6

One of the best selling and top rated stoneware mugs out there in the market.

Their dual-tone design grabs the attention of coffee lovers. Comes with mug rack, Dishwasher, and Microwave Safe.

14 – COLETTI Coffee Mugs (Retro Design) – Set of 6

The first benefit is that these mugs are thick-walled and solid made, which will help to keep your coffee hot for long.

Perfect for families and holiday gatherings. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

“Magical Pusheenicorn” Stoneware Coffee Mug

“The Lord is with Me” – Gift for Him – Coffee Mug

Papa Bear Coffee Mug –  Makes a Great Gift for Dad

We love caffeine, it might be the world’s favorite chemical. For me, coffee is fuel for a busy morning or long day at work.

And I believe no matter how amazing your coffee was but having that coffee in a beautiful ceramic mug or a cup will make your day.

Just to let you know, I want to say that, maybe my main focus while selecting these cups and mugs was coffee,

But these mugs are not just limited to coffee only, these ceramic mugs and cups can be with you in the form of a pencil stand or pen stand, and even as your Tea Companion.

Thanks for Coming, which of these ceramic mugs is going to be yours, please let me know in the comment box, I would love to hear your thoughts on my list of Ceramic Coffee mugs.

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