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There’s no better emotion than getting comfortable with a hot mug filled with coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea!

I know you love your coffee mugs, reason can be anything, maybe you love your daily coffee routine, or someone special has gifted it to you, or you bought one from a gift shop to retain the memories of your holiday.

A few months back I gifted my husband a ceramic mug because he likes the neutral taste and presentation that ceramic mug offers.

There are countless fascinating purposes to buy mugs. But how to manage these Coffee Mugs?

An amazing solution is buying Coffee mug holders for your kitchen to keep your mugs organized, accessible, and looking fabulous.

1 – Wall Mounted Rustic Coffee Mug Holder with 16 Hooks

If you hold a large collection of mugs and specifically looking for a wall-mounted mug holder for 16 mugs then this would be the best option to go with, because it got 16 hooks that can help in de-cluttering the entire cabinet.

It comes with the solid screws to mount on the wall for easy installation.
The frame is made of steel which means it will last longer than the others.

2 – Farmhouse Style Wall Mounted Pallet Mug Holder with 8 Hooks

Farmhouse style with brown color offers a vintage and warm appearance to this mug holder.

Dimensions – 13” x 17”

The distance between the hooks is approx 4 inches, which is enough to hang mugs without damaging the other. Perfect mug holder for 8 mugs.

Solid screws are not included.

3 – Wall Mounted Rack With Shelf for 12 Coffee Cups.

This wooden mug holder with a shelf is made from Russian pine wood.
Its shelf offers more functionality to the whole rack and can be used to display your ceramic mugs, mason jars, or any decor item. Suitable for 12 mugs.

Dimensions – 20.7″ x 20.3″ x 3.3″

4 – Sturdy Steel Mug Tree for 8 Mugs

This Mug tree offers a simple solution to organize and display your favorite Ceramic mugs on a counter and tabletop.

Comes in Two Shades – Chrome and Satin Nickel which matches other stainless steel appliances.

Dimensions are 7.25″ x 7.25″ x 17.5″

5 – Rose Gold Mug Rack Tree for 8 Mugs

To be honest, I first got to know about the rose gold finish from Apple Products, and soon it was all over my mind, and now while shopping I always try to look for the rose gold shade, and I guess perhaps this is the reason this rose gold mug tree is on my list.
It is super cute, isn’t it?

Dimensions – 12’’ H x 5.5’’ W x 5.5’’ L

Not only mugs but you can use this mug tree as your bracelet organizer or any other small jewelry items.

This Mug holder is a Perfect Gift Option for Thanksgiving and Christmas if you are running out of gift ideas.

6 – DIY Wooden Mug Tree Holder for 6 Cups

Wood can never be out of fashion and this wooden mug tree holder follows the same.
Nothing can be more attractive than a wooden mug tree full of ceramic mugs for your tabletop.
Comes with 3 anti-slip foam at the bottom to offer friction and makes it a sturdy mug tree.
It is simply elegant.

7 – Vintage Style Black Mug Tree for up to 15 Mugs

Now, this is getting serious!
If you are a mug lover and have a huge collection of Coffee Mugs to organize then this is the mug tree that can show off your entire collection. but I wouldn’t recommend putting all of your mugs and cups on a single holder, because of cracks and other risks.

8 – DIY Under Cabinet Mug Rack – 3 Pack – 12 Hooks

This rustic mug rack offers more functionality to your cupboard by adding space for 12 mugs.
Comes with 6 screws for easy installation.
Made of high-quality steel which can easily organize your other kitchenware as well.

9 – Expanding Beechwood Coffee Mug Wall Rack

It can extend up to 42 inches wide (3.5 ft). This Multipurpose peg rack is a perfect option not just for cups and mugs but for other accessories as well like bags, caps, scarves, umbrellas, coats, and jackets.
Its natural wood material matches almost every interior and offers a farmhouse style.


While it’s fun to shop for them, the more mugs you buy, the more unorganized your cabinet will be.

In fact, ceramic mugs are easily prone to breaking and chipping if not taken care of properly like I have faced it in the past.
It was my favorite mug at that moment which got crack in it because of the cluttered cabinet I had put it into.

So organizing your cups and mugs with mug holders and racks is as important as organizing anything in the kitchen.

Please Let Me Know in The Comment Box, Which Mug Tree Rack is going to be your choice.

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