Ember Mug Review [2020] | The Complete Guide

ember mug review

Whether Buy Ember Mug or Not? Well if you are confused before spending 149 bucks for a temperature-controlled coffee mug, which keeps your beverage hotter for longer, then this ember mug review will definitely help you out.
And I will also show you some amazing ceramic coffee mug options to go with if this temperature control mug is not for you.

A Complete Ember Mug Review [2020]

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What is an Ember Mug?

Ember mug is a temperature control mug with heating coils and a battery at the bottom and helps to keep your coffee warm. 

Does the ember mug actually work?

Yes, It works. Ember mug keeps your drink ( coffee, tea, or whatever you want ) at the perfect drinking temperature.

How long does an ember mug last?

The New Ember Smart Mug 2 ( which is the latest model ) lasts about 80 mins if you use it at its default temperature which is 135°F.

Can you use this mug without an Ember mug app?

Even if you don’t have a smartphone around, you can still use the ember mug at its default warming temperature, which is 135 degrees Fahrenheit or 57.2 degrees Celsius.

So Yes, ember mug can be used without an app.

Can you wash the ember mug?

Yes, it will certainly be fine with a hand wash, but do not put it into the dishwasher because even if its a cup,

it’s still an electronic device.

Does this mug work only with IOS?

Ember mug can be used with both iOS and Android devices. The App can be downloaded from the App Store ( iPhone ) & Play Store ( Android ).

How do you charge the ember mug?

You charge it with the coaster. Just placed the mug on top, once you put the mug on the coaster it should show a battery icon, which means its charging. ( it comes with a charging coaster )

ember mug black
Credits: amazon.com

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, 14 oz, Black.

If you forget about your tea all the time. This would be really helpful. because tea also cools down really fast.

My interest in this product comes from the fact that I tend to drink my coffee too slowly and often feel like I get to a point where I want to warm it back up.

whether or not you should get this mug depends on what type of coffee drinker you are?

if you’re the kind of person who wants to drink their beverage extremely hot, this is probably not for you. ( it’s not gonna keep your coffee at the stovetop temperature). 

On the other hand, if you’ll only drink your beverage once it’s cooled to an adequate temperature then the Ember mug might help you get there. 

Now it’s not cheap it sells for about $149.

Looking for some Best Ceramic Coffee Mugs Under $30

If you sit at a desk and drink coffee all day, this is the greatest thing ever and 100% worth the pricey investment.

It completely changes your coffee drinking experience.

Is Ember mug USB Supported ?

My only real complaint is the power cord. I wish it was a USB type that I could connect to a computer rather than a wall wart. It would make relocating the charger much easier.

 This although doesn’t have a headphone jack....

Ember mug can prove itself an amazing Christmas gift for your mom and dad if they take hours finishing their coffee.

But if you are like a person who says – 149 bucks for a cup…..Nah I’m good thanks

Because in 140 buck you can have –

A Matte Black 1200 Watt Electric Electric Pour-over Kettle

matte black pour-over kettle
Credits: Amazon

Then I would recommend you Ceramic Coffee Mugs, which are in fact much cheaper, more durable, and looks pretty amazing too.

Now I have seen people getting confused in between ceramic and pottery mugs, well both are the same thing and comes pretty cheap.

Under $30 you would see a lot of stunning options to go with, for example, if you want a ceramic mug with Lid or without a handle, which is called handwarmer mugs. You can have those in between $10 to $30, depends on the quality and a couple of other things.

Ceramic mugs are far much better than normal glass mugs or steel mugs in terms of keeping the coffee hotter for longer.

While selecting the ceramic mug for coffee or tea, you should always check the chemical property of its glaze.

Only buy the ceramic mugs which are made of lead-free glaze. otherwise, you may suffer from lead poisoning which is harmful to health.

Lead-free glaze ceramic mugs are not hard to find, pretty much all of the mugs are now made with a lead-free glaze, but still keeping that fact in-check will help prevent you from trouble and health problems.

I have noticed that ceramic products from china do not clearly mention whether if they are lead-free or not,

so going with your country made product would be the best option and it will also support those craftsmen or women financially.

Should I go for it? or not.

I would say if you are the type of person who gets excited from some new tech arrival in the market or “I’m gonna buy this stuff” attitude then go ahead,

this Temperature Control Mug won’t disappoint you.

And for those who are looking for some unique gift for their friends and family, ready to spend $149, then yes go ahead, it will definitely make them excited,

because who doesn’t like their coffee hotter for longer.

But for people who think spending 149 bucks for a cup isn’t their cup of coffee, then don’t and buy a Ceramic Coffee Mug instead.

As winters are around the corner, buying a handwarmer ceramic mug would be a great investment.

I hope my ember mug review helped you in making your decision,

if so then please let me know in the comment box. See you next time.

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